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Genesis JOY House Academics
We believe that higher learning academics are an essential part to any rehabilitation model.  Our desire has always been to develop mentoring and training programs that foster the most growth.  We strongly believe that through incorporating God's Word in our system of learning, participants may become mature believers. 

The information taught and communicated through the Genesis Joy House Model will encourage individuals to be a part of a unique and life-changing program.  We are excited to announce our future partnerships with universities and other educational institutions that will contribute to a high impact season of learning and development for our participants. 

While the Genesis Joy House Model places emphasis on re-entry programs such as GED classes -- we understand that our participants are interested in classes that offer hands-on executive training.  These intense hands-on executive level classes are specifically designed to give our participants high-end corporate and marketplace experience. 

Programs at a Glan​ce
Mentoring & Empowerment
Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)
Faith Based Training & Ministry
Anger Management
Job Readiness
Mock Interviewing
Adult Education & Competency
Family & Parenting
Emotional Health
and more...
Community Development 
Our participants will be required to complete our mentorship and empowerment programs.  These programs will train individuals how to develop effective relationships, build self-esteem and deal with life's challenges.  Participants will also learn how to recruit and manage volunteers. 

Throughout their training, participants will provide voluntary support to underpriviledged youth.  We believe that individuals can better contribute to their communities when they are properly equipped to do so.