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Genesis JOY House Model at a Glance 
By offering tangible steps and in-house solutions such as residential housing, mentorship, empowerment, and employment opportunities, the Genesis Joy House Model is able to move our Veterans from crisis management to long-term planning for brighter futures. 

Our Mission
To assist the needs of homeless and incarcerated female veterans throughout Middle Georgia and surrounding areas -- by providing advocacy programs to improve their quality of life towards self-sufficiency and re-entry.

​The Genesis Joy House Transitional Complex is an independent business model created to assist the needs of our veteran women throughout Middle Georgia and surrounding areas.

The goal of Genesis Joy House is to provide effective leadership advocacy activities on behalf of women with challenging backgrounds.  Strategic programming within our organization will include leveraging existing resources with like- minded businesses and organizations throughout the Georgia sector. 

The state of Georgia and our efforts to assist in the coordination of services in our facilities will include the following:

  • Adult Education & Adult Competency
  • Mentorship and Empowerment
  • Executive Level Training and Placement Services
  • Residential Housing
  • Faith Based Training & Ministry

Coordinated System of Care
The Genesis Joy House Model requires participation from community and families in order to benefit our women holistically.  Agencies, corporation, and faith-based programs linked with the Genesis Joy House Complex will be able to provide special needs and supportive services to assist women more effectively while moving toward long-term sufficiency.  

When these programs work together in a coordinated manner, the needs of women, their outcomes and the opportunities for success are highly improved.

Business Strategy
The goal of the Genesis Joy House Complex is to provide homeless female Veteran women with the resources and support needed to gain sufficient living in an atmosphere of dignity, integrity and respect.

​Believing our women have the necessary resources to achieve independent living, we call our guests into a higher accountability for their actions or in-actions.  Adults benefit from this philosophy as well as the entire community.

With the increased awareness of the value the community plays in helping reshape the lives of those in need, we are working to form partnerships and strong relational ties with individuals and organizations throughout the state of Georgia and beyond.

We are hopeful that through the ongoing support of others, our guests will continue to receive the care and services they need to help enable them to fully participate in the community they are a part of. 

We believe that the community will find great interest in our model along with the services we provide.  We also understand that it will take a joint effort to serve the needs of the members of our community and ultimately humanity.

The end outcome for the Genesis Joy House Model is the reduction of homelessness, and an increase of family values and stability while improving the socioeconomic infrastructure throughout the state of Georgia.  This goal is measured through statistical analysis and is bench marked by national trends.